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Mailing address: Kaptein Dreyers veg 903, 2280 Gjesåsen, Norway

E-mail: post@explorefinnskogen.no

CEO: Rolf Magnus Grenberg

Owners: Rolf Magnus Grenberg, Johann Vangerud and Per Ola Bjørneseth

We are two guys in the mid-twenties who have grown up with a fishing rod in the deepest parts of Finnskogen. As kids our parents used to take us out fishing for trout and perch. This has been a childhood we'll never forget, and we think that every child should have the opportunity to experience this. As the years have passed, fly fishing, spin fishing and ice fishing have become even more important to us. This is a hobby we use all our sparetime to develop. For us it´s all about the rush for a big trout in one of the quiet and mysterious forest lakes, or the rush for one of the big pikes who has past the magical ten kilograms. In the recent years we have built an even larger network within the Norwegian sport fishing community. Through this environment we have become aware of how rare the fishing in these mysterious and untouched areas are. For a long time we have been talking about how we can offer these fantastic nature experiences to others. Since there's nobody who offers something like this for fishing enthusiast in our area, it became quite natural for us to start Explore Finnskogen AS.

Explore Finnskogen should be a facilitator for excellent fishing and nature experiences based on Finnskogen and its mysterious nature, as well as a link towards the local businesses, and generate positive ripple effects in Solør. Our vision is to be the largest contributor to tourism in Solør, and in collaboration with other local actors make Finnskogen a well known fishing destination for whole Europe.

We greatly appreciate the nature around us, and we want to leave it to the next generations the way we found it. Therefore, we encourage everyone to reap from the nature with modesty, and leave it as you want to find it.

Meet Our Guides

Rolf Magnus Grenberg

Rolf is raised in Finnskogen and he has been fishing with his father since the day he learned to walk. Rolf is educatet as a fishing guide in Sweden, he have several National Championships in ice-, and modern baitfishing, and he is part of the Norwegian Rapala Pro Guide team.

+47 977 04 486

Johann Vangerud

Johann is raised in Grue in Solør. Johann is a versatile fisherman, and has its greatest strength within spinfishing for big perch and ice fishing for pike.

+47 941 33 622

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