Experience isolation on a desert island on Finnskogen.

Now you have the opportunity to go to bed and wake up with nature! This summer you can experience and learn about nature and outdoor life on one of our gems at the mysterious Finnskogen.

Island insulation.

 When the calm subsidesand the evening fog says beyond the sea, presence around a warm fire with good conversations is inevitable. Together with wildlife and birdsong, you now have the opportunity to live with nature from sunrise to starry sky. 

Choose whether you want to take on the challenge of sleeping in the open air or with protection from the weather and wind. Guide with local history knowledge, good experience in outdoor life, as well as whether local hunting and processing will participate in both transport and basic introduction to the island before the family on their own can enjoy a night full of impressions and experiences together. You choose whether you want to enjoy ingredients and drinks from local producers or whether you want to bring your own food. To complete the experience, you can also fish your own dinner! Whether you want to learn more about local history, cooking on a campfire, become a better fisherman or taste local ingredients, you can do all this. You decide how one day in isolation with your loved ones should be


3500,- NOK

Duration 22h Max 6pcs 3 years <(incl. Transport on the water, firewood, knife rope, wind protection, water, fishing equipment)

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Island insulation all inclusive.

You can now spend two nights on your completely private island, in the middle of the wilderness, only two hours from Oslo for 11,750, - NOK This is an introductory price and applies to the first five who book. The price is valid for up to four people and includes:
-Boat transport to and from the island. 
- Own chef who makes a three-course dinner on a campfire based on local ingredients.

-Box with short-haul food. Among other things, home-baked bread, rhubarb and blueberry juice.

-Guided island hopping in a canoe.

- Canoe for your own use throughout your stay.

- Lavvo with four camp beds, primus and kitchen utensils.

Three-hour SUP course (3500, -) and guided fishing trip (3500, -) are not included in the price, but can be booked separately.

You only need to pack suitable clothes, sleeping bags and some toppings, then you are ready for an experience you will soon forget. Have a good trip to Finnskogen!

Additional products

Family fishing from a boat.

Join one of the boats of Explore Finnskogen to glide silently around with an electric motor on a mirror-shiny sea in beautiful surroundings inside Finnskogen and hunt for our largest predatory fish in fresh water, Gjedda. With seven hundred teeth, the finch pike hunt in ambush while waiting for their prey. When this despised and majestic creature chops, it is intentional to kill and eat something that makes the bite feel all the way into the spinal cord, before a battle full of adrenaline and sweat is fought in a nature most people around the world only dream of being able to fishing in.

This is an experience that is perfect for families up to four people. The fishing is both action-packed and exciting for young and old. The day will be filled with both beautiful scenery, locally known and knowledgeable guides. The chances of fish are good and perhaps a small internal competition about who is the family's big fisherman.


3500, - NOK

Duration 4 hours fishing. Max.4 pcs per boat  (including: boat rental, guide, fishing equipment and fishing license)

Fishing pleasure for big and small.

Meet some of our guides along one of our fish-rich waterways. Here, the guide will teach both the big and the small lots of useful natural knowledge about both life above and below the water surface. The fishing methods are simple and easy but all the more effective. How many species can you catch just by taking some soil and lead with you on a trip ?. Here, the focus is on creating interest and fishing joy for the little ones as well as teaching them to grow on how to create an even better fishing and nature experience in the future with simple steps.


2500, - NOK

Duration 3 hours fishing. Max 6 pcs (included, guide equipment bait and fishing license)

SUP - Introductory course.

You will be introduced to equipment and basic safety thinking, central to standing paddling on boards. You learn the steps from kneeling to standing paddling, and further economical paddling technique to be able to maneuver the board in all directions. Before you take a trip around the nearby islands.


3500, - NOK

Canoe - NPF Introductory course.

Introductory course in canoeing, certified according to the Norwegian Paddle Federation's education ladder. The course gives an introduction to the equipment, before you get a basic introduction to paddling technique for directional stability and economical canoeing in a canoe. When everyone is ready, we take the tour around the nearby islands.


3500, -

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