The History
Finnskogen is the vast forest area located on both sides of the border between Norway and Sweden. They extend from Eidskog in South to Trysil in North. Until the 1600s there were only a few mountain pastures for people reaching the villages here, and some hunting and fishing.
Then came what we today call "Skogfinnene" (a group of people from Finland) or "svedjefinnene". The country resembled what they came from in Finland, with its distinctive "svedjeteknikk" (a special form of agriculture) they could make a living under these conditions.

In 300 years they preserved their traditions and language before they became part of our common society. "Skogfinnene" was known to be good hunters and fishermen. So good that the villagers were convinced that they had supernatural abilities. They also had their prayers and their "magic" rituals, that they firmly believed in. Whether it was this, or their good qualities as nature people, who gave them good luck in hunting and fishing, it´s not up to us to decide. 
The descendants "Skogfinnene" has status as a minority group in Norway.

Distance from other destinations:
2 hours from Oslo
1.5 hour form Gardermoen (OSL)

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