In collaboration with other local companies we offer accomodation and meals during your stay. We help you to arrange, whether you want to sleep outdoor, in a cabin or a hotel. Below you can read more about some of our recommendations. 

The local restaurant and hotel Skaslien is located in Kirkenær, close to the wilderness and many fishing spots. The chefs at Skaslien makes food with both traditional and new recipes, and always based on local ingredients. 
Read more at Skaslien.no

On a peninsula in the beautiful lake Skasen you will find Finnskogstua. The perfect place for larger groups. Finnskogstua offers commodation, dinner and all facilities. 
Read more at Finnskogstua.no

Your Own Camp
In Norway you are allowed to set up your tent almost wherever you want. Finnskogen offers a lot of great places to camp regardless you want to live in tent, lavvo, shelter, or sleep under the open sky.

Finnskogtoppen is located in the heart of Finnskogen, and offers good standard hotel rooms, breakfast, lunch, dinner and spa treatment.
Read more at Finnskogtoppen.no

Finnskogen Kro og Motell
At Finnskogen Tavern and Motel, located in Svullrya close to the lakes Røgden and Skasen, you can rent a motel room, a cabin or eat dinner.
Read more at Finnskogen.no

Finnskogen Turist- og Villmarkssenter
By the lake Skasen you will find the campsite Finnskogen Tourist and WIlderness Center, who also offers dining facilities and rental of cabins.
Read more at Finnskogen.net

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