Spin Fishing

During a fishing tour with our guides in wonderful surroundings, we will give you an unforgettable nature experience. With great commitment and knowledge we will convey nature, fishing and local history in our district. 

For us, it is not all about fishing. To take a breath around the campfire with fresh coffee is a big part of the experience. By cooperating with several local farmers and shops, we are able to serve you local delicacies from Finnskogen. 

We hope that the combination of great fishing, nature experiences and local food cooked on fire, will give you a lifetime experience!

Spin Fishing for Pike

Finnskogen is known for great pike fishing in beautiful surroundings.

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Spin Fishing for Perch

Perch fishing is easy to learn and offers a lot of action!

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Spin Fishing for Trout and Grayling

Many small rivers with trout and grayling find their way through Finnskogen.

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